Pros and cons Of Applying Android Phone

Android can be an open-source portable operating system, based on the Apache kernel and various free applications, mainly for touch screen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones. The Android Program Development Kit (SDK) certainly is the foundation plus the base of numerous applications which include media players, games, conversation tools, and personalization features. It provides a wonderful user experience of a smooth surfing interface and a indigenous application advancement environment. One feature of Android is that it runs on the multitasking technology, where you can work two or more applications at the same time, thereby performing multiple tasks within a application.

The Android main system is based on the Linux nucleus, which provides the Linux environment with your local library and tools required to operate android handsets. Some of the most popular android applications include Googlemail, Yahoo! Maps, Chrome, YouTube, eBay, WordPress, Picasa, and Viber. Nevertheless , there are some downsides of using the Android phone OS. Since it is an open-source application, every single manufacturer can be free to use any kind of part of the code and develop their own applications for their phone.

Moreover, the android phone users are not protected by any kind of warranty against bugs or perhaps defects. The android market is usually dominated by the android market apps. Thus, you are mostly dependent on the google android apps for some things. Yet , android smartphone are becoming popular because of their premium and features which have been unbeatable. Therefore , if you are looking to buy a new android phone, you can go through the android marketplaces. You will find a lot of brands and models that have been specifically designed just for the google android phones.